Ikea Business Research Paper

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Business Research Methods Part III

Business Research Methods Part III
IKEA is a world renowned furniture and home goods provider. Like all international businesses they have challenges and dilemmas that effect how they approach different aspects of their business. By identifying issues and how to combat them by analyzing accurate data IKEA can better handle situations and ensure continued profitability and company success Statistical Analysis

The first level of measurement that IKEA used was nominal measurement. With this level of measurement, items were assigned into groups or categories. This evaluated data was definitive and was captured with the questions that have a “yes” or “no” answer. The next measurement level was the ordinal level of measurement. This level signified several specific reason behind the assignment and indicated an approximate ordering of the measurements. This evaluated the captured data using median and mode, with questions that have the answer choice for example; satisfied and unsatisfied. This allowed IKEA to determine how often customers were satisfied or unsatisfied with their goods and services. The third level deals with the interval which classified along with ordered the measurements; this level specified the distances between each interval on the scale were equivalent along the scale from low interval to high interval. The final level was the ratio level of measurement, this level the measurements can have a value of zero and the divisions between the points on the scale have an equivalent distance between them, and the rankings assigned to the items are according to their size (Marchal, William & Whaten 2009). To evaluate the data, each answer will be given a ranking; excellent (100% satisfaction), average (50% satisfaction), and terrible (0% satisfaction). This was used to measure the level of consumer satisfaction. Challenges to Validity and Reliability...
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