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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Konigsbrau-TAK is a subsidiary based in the Ukraine which was established by Konigsbrau A.G. in order to expand their company. Wolfgang Keller was hired to lead Konigsbrau-TAK. In the three years that he has been in charge, the company has gone from an annual 2.9 million Euro loss to a 7 million Euro gain. Dmitri Brodsky is the commercial director of Konigsbrau-TAK. He reports directly to Keller. He brings a great deal of experience and maturity to the company. Unfortunately, Keller and Brodsky have experience significant conflict and have a strained relationship. In this paper I will discuss the dynamics of the conflict and the relationship between Keller and Brodsky. First, I will discuss the cause of the problem. Second, I will discuss how Keller could have handled the situation more effectively. Third, I will discuss how the Thomas-Kilmann conflict-resolution model would have helped Keller build a better relationship with Brodsky. Finally, I will conclude with specific steps Keller should take to improve their relationship. Cause of the problem

Keller has failed to effectively manage the relationship between Brodsky and himself. To evaluate the cause of the conflict, we must look at the three fundamental causes of conflict in organizations: identity related differences, role incompatibility and environmental stress. (Davidson, 2001) Identity Differences

Their different personal backgrounds, experiences and cultural values have contributed to the core issue of their relationship problem which is that they have completely opposite management styles. (Davidson, 2001) Their different styles and approaches in conducting business have contributed to a poor working relationship and lack of productive communication. Keller is a “D” DiCS management style. He creates a sense of urgency, likes to get people moving, holds other people accountable and pushes people to reach their potential. (Goodman, 2012) Keller’s show his uncooperative nature each...
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