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Executive Summary4
Situational Analysis5
Macro-Environment PESTLE Analysis5
The SWOT Analysis7
Strength (Internal)7
Weakness (Internal)7
Opportunity (External)8
Threats (External)8
TOWS Analysis9
Maxi-Maxi Strategy (Strength-Opportunity)9
Maxi-Mini Strategy (Strength-Threats)9
Mini-Maxi Strategy (Weakness-Opportunities)10
Mini-Mini Strategy (Weakness-Threats)10
Marketing Strategy10
New methods of food preparation11
Return of Investment (ROI)11
Analysis of threat using Porter’s 5 Forces:12
The Marketing Mix13

Executive Summary
Grab-and-Go concept food kiosks are relatable to busy consumers as they often look for quick bites to satisfy their hunger. The team would be recommending an initiative by Old Chang Kee to introduce a value-set box that would serve to go beyond just a snack business for busy people to one that encourages bonding and get-together. This report will also discuss how appropriate certain marketing theories can be used to better aid marketers in promoting their brand. Consumers assess all the Grab-and-Go food kiosks with growing trends and products before arriving on a purchasing decision. The Halal certification of Old Chang Kee puts them at an upper edge above its competitors, as it positions itself positively as a local delight food business for all Singaporeans. In order to analyze the current situation of the market, the team utilizes the PESTLE analysis to assess the various macro-economic factors of the business, which includes political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal findings. The team then analyzes the company’s business with the SWOT analysis, before capitalizing on the strengths to overcome the threats and maximize the opportunities with the TOWS analysis. Following that, the team starts on the objectives and marketing strategy based on the analyses done, including a series of recommendation involving technology and new methodologies of preparing the products, with a summary of the return of investment (ROI). The breakdown of the cost and profit will also be calculated in the report. In addition, the Porter’s 5 Forces are used to analyze the rivalry, threats of substitutes, buyer power, supplier power, and new entrant competitors of Old Chang Kee, after which suggestions are given to minimize the threats. After providing a general overview of the marketing strategy, the team assesses the 4‘P’s of the marketing mix, namely Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. In each of the aspects, strategies are given to boost sales revenue of the proposed recommendation, which in this case, is the introduction of a value-set box. The team also aims to take full advantage of popular channels such as social media and the box designs to reach out to consumers. Situational Analysis

The demand for quick-bites snack kiosks is increasing due to the busier schedule and time-constraint of Singaporeans in the fast-paced society. Many Grab-and-Go concept kiosks offer ready-made finger-food which consumers buy and leave immediately in as quickly as 1 minute. In OCK, middle-aged employees are considered most productive. And the reason behind this is that the company belongs to a "culture business" - one that caters to a wide customer demographic from all age groups. (Lim. W, 2009) It is believed that customers perceive older workers can provide a more comfortable environment. The aim of OCK is to be a caring company to the elderly, and to keep them as long as they can. This initiative positions OCK in term of Corporate Social Responsibility, extending its care to the older workers who make up 80% of the 600 employees in the company. Macro-Environment PESTLE Analysis

In order to assess the macro-environment of OCK, the team uses the PESTLE analysis in the marketing plan. The analysis includes: 1....
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