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Feasibility Study of a Commercial Warehouse in Angeles City
January 10, 2011, 4:35 am

General Aspects

1.1 Description of the Project
The warehouse project is described and the findings on the market, technical and financial aspects of the study are summarized.

1.2 Project Timetable
A brief statement on when the warehouse will become operational together with a timetable of pre-operating activities is indicated

1.3 Management of the Warehouse
The organization and staffing of the warehouse company are defined and quantified. Procedures for inventory account-ability, receiving and shipping of goods are established.

Product and Market Aspects

2.1 Product
The products to be warehoused and marketed are identified together with corresponding producers. Brands of producers with warehousing facilities in the area are excluded.

2.2 Trade Area
The producers are interviewed to attain data on the volume of production and distribution of each product to the region.

2.3 Competition
Competitors, data on products warehoused and marketed sales volume, and pricing are identified.

2.4 Projected Sales
The total demand and market share for each product over a ten-year period are projected on the basis of the following:

2.4.1 Population growth
2.4.2 Consumption per capita as affected by income growth 2.4.3 Competition

2.5 Marketing and Selling Prices
The marketing arrangement and selling price for each product are defined over a ten-year period.

2.5.1 Immediate purchase of goods upon delivery from producers 2.5.2 Immediate sale of goods on commission basis
2.5.3 Storage and sale of goods upon orders from producers, fixed charges for storage and commission on sales. 2.5.4 Combination of the preceding marketing methods

Technical Aspects

3.1 Location Factors
After the geographic location of the warehouse has been selected, the specific site must be determined. Some of the...

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