Ii V I Jazz Progression

Topics: Major scale, Chord, Major chord Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: October 28, 2010
The II V I chord progression is commonly used in jazz, when it is played in jazz the ii is typically played as a minor 7th chord, the I is a major 7th chord and the V is a 7th chord. The progression of these chords provides a voice leading between the thirds and sevenths of these chords. While the ii V I progression is the harmonic building block of many other progressions. The chords are built using the major or minor scales which results into a major ii V I or a minor ii V I. For the Major ii V I, you have to build the chord, most of the time these chords will consist of a triad and some form of the 7th usually. We use the I, III, V, and VII notes from the appropriate mode of the scale that you would want to use (a mode is a variation of a musical scale which uses the same pattern of steps and half steps but starting on a note other than root note). The same thing would be done for the minor progression, but instead the minor scale would be substituted in for the major scale to get the chords. The third of one chord becomes the seventh of the next chord, and the seventh of one chord moves down a half step to become the third of the next chord. An example in the key of C, ii V I progression is Dm7-G7-Cmaj7, and the thirds and sevenths of these chords are F-C, B-F, E-B. In some cases the ii will be replaced by the ii7, which gives the chord a more dissonant and bluesy feeling. This will be especially common in turnarounds. The chords that are used in the ii V I progression is one of many orders that can be used to create tension and release chordally. The ii V I chord progression consists of the 2nd, 5th, and 1st (root) steps of a major scale. You begin with a minor and progress to major chords. To make the chords for the ii V I chord progression you can use this: to make the ii minor seventh you will flat the 7th. Then you will flat the 7th of to the V major triad chord, and finally the 7th note will be added to the I major triad to form a major 7th chord. In...
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