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In a highly competitive global economy, where the other factors of production—capital, technology, raw materials, and information—are increasingly able to be duplicated, “the caliber of the people in an organization will be the only source of sustainable competitive advantage available to companies. Domestic HRM and international HRM are both concentrate on human resource management, but there are many differences also. No mater domestic HRM or international HRM an organization’s HRM activities are also include these 6 parts. The first part is human resource planning, before the company employs the employees the company should know what kind of employees their need. Then the second part is staffing (recruitment, selection, placement), the company select the employees what they need from the HR market. The third part is compensation (remuneration) and benefits. The company should set the employees’ wages. Then, the forth part is deal with the industrial relations. It is common in every company that there are many troubles in employees or in employees and the company, so the company should set a department which is especial deal with the problem. The fifth part is performance management. The company’s main project is to make profits, so at the end of the year the company will reward or punish according to the employee’s performance. The last part is training and development. And these parts are completed one by one. There are also many differences between domestic HRM and IHRM. IHRM complexity can be attributed to six factors. The first is more HR activities such as international taxation; international relocation and orientation; host-government relations; language translation services. For example, to a domestic company it is only concerned with the tax rates in his country, but for a international company it is not only focus on his PCN’s tax rates but also focus on his TCN’s tax rates. The second is need for a broader perspective such as program design...
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