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Topics: China, Chinese calendar, Law Pages: 35 (10025 words) Published: May 21, 2013
International Human Resource Management

Minor:International business 1
Department:Human Resource Management
Teacher:Joep Nieuwesteeg
Students:Nancy van Bemmel
Jacqueline Helversteijn
Isa Menardi


Chapter 1: Introduction3
Chapter 2: The internationalization of HRM and strategic IHRM4
Chapter 3: International mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances6
Chapter 4: Differences in employment laws and labor relations9
Chapter 5: The role of international ethics, corporate governance and sustainability15
Chapter 6: International recruitment, selection and repatriation18

Chapter 1: Introduction

Avon is a beauty company that sells her products all over the world. “Beauty is about women looking and feeling their best. It’s about championing economic empowerment and improving the lives of women around the world.” This report explains the HR related situations concerning Avon. Avon in the VS is also compared with Avon in China. The situations that can occur in China are evaluated. The first chapter explains the internationalization of the HRM and strategic IHRM. In this chapter, the drivers of the internationalization of Avon are defined. Also the strategic HRM decisions are explained. The next chapter explains the international combination of Avon and the possible HR related problems. Furthermore, the differences in employment laws and labor relations between Avon in de VS and China are defined. Chapter 5 explains the role of international ethics, corporate governance and sustainability. The last chapter defines the international recruitment, selection and repatriation in both the VS and China. Finally, a brochure and conclusion are added. The brochure makes clear what an expatriate should prepare and know before going to China and the conclusion summarizes the findings of this report.

Chapter 2: The internationalization of HRM and strategic IHRM 2.1 Drivers of the increased internationalisation of business for Avon

The following forces are the drivers of the increased internationalisation of business for Avon: * Trade agreements
Trade agreements between countries makes it possible for Avon to expand to all the countries where Avon operates at the moment. China is a member of the World Trade Organization, which made it an advantage for Avon to do business with this country. * Rapid and extensive global communication

The technological revolution and its digital reformation have made global communication easier, quicker and cheaper. Also, information about how people live, think and want is spread all over the world. Through this change, Avon can adapt to the needs and rules in the specific country. Also, it is possible to make contact with employees in other countries and sell the products over the web. Because of this, Avon became aware of intercultural differences and is with this also able to get the company’s employees well trained. This is important because of Avon’s ‘direct selling’ aspect. * Improving global education and global talent pool

Avon strives to get the best employees as possible. They give them training, but the improving education around the world makes it possible to get good educated people from almost anywhere in the world. Enabling them to produce world-class products and services. * Homogenisation of culture and consumer goods

The integration of cultures and values through the impact of the trade agreements and increasing global enterprises makes that the consumer demands are almost common. This makes it possible for Avon to place her products around the world. Nevertheless distinct differences in culture across countries remain and firms like Avon need to be sensitive for these differences. 2.2 Typical international enterprise for Avon

Avon sells through direct selling, catalogues, mall...
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