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Universidad Pablo de la Olavide

International Human Resources

International Human Resources trends: complexity, challenges and choices in the future

Dario Caliandro

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2 Complexity of international companies
2.1 General structure processes by going international
2.2 Complexity of international companies in question of human resources Challenges

1 Introduction
Since industrialization, companies have been competing with each other and especially in the last few decades the market has developed faster than ever. It has become increasingly aggressive; hence companies have had to find a way to become more profitable in order to survive this market. A fundamental change we can observe is that companies have discovered the advantages of being international. For example, “lower production-costs” or “higher economies of scale effect.” Hence to be competitive in this market, it is often essential for companies to benefit from these advantages by going international. This process is what can be called globalisation. Crossing national borders and being international entails much more complexity for companies, along with many challenges and a higher risk of failure. In the last few years we can observe that companies who have tried to behave in a new market in a similar manner to the way that they would in their home country has usually not been successful. This is particularly on a human resources level -companies who try to go international are confronted with a lot of obstacles, such as cultural differences, language barriers and different legislations. These aspects have to be considered in order to be a successful international company. The general problems that Human Resources international companies are confronted with will be evaluated, and the challenges and choices for the future will be considered. In the first section of...
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