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Topics: English language, England, Question Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Bachelor's Degree Programme (BDP)

ASSIGNMENT (For July 2010 and January 2011 sessions)
Commrcnication Skills in English Elective Course in English - 03

School of Humanities Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi, New Delhi - 110 068

Elective Course in English (EEG 03) Communication Skills in English ASSIGNMENT Programme: BDP Course Code: EEC-03

I lcrcwith is an assignment for you. Through this assignment we would help you i n assessing your progress in the studq ofthis course. I3cli)r.c attempting the assignment read the directions given below: I. In this assignment two kinds o f questions have been asked. 'I'he first. such as I(b) and 5 arc based on the materials presented in the units and the second are questions that test your communication skills -- such as I(a), 2. 3, and 4. The first kind o f questions test your comprchcnsion o f the materials prcscntcd in the units. 'l'hc second kind will test your ability to creatively apply them in real life situation. 'l'hc aim ol'this coi~rsc to enable you to use the English language in real life situations dlkctivcly and creativclq. Most is ofthe questions are o f the second kind, as they will help y o ~to use English. i


Rend the units carefully in order to answer the first type of'questions. You must also read ncwspnpcr.\ and ~iiaqn/incs. And also listen to the English news broadcasts on the radio and watch the ne\s lcleca\ls on the I V. I'hcse will help you in gaining proticiency in spoken Ikglish. Kcop the purity of'your language and readability o f your answer in mind if yo11wish to pet a high grade.


While uritinp the assignment keep the following in mind:

I ) Kcad the detailed instructions on assignments given in the Programme Guide for the Elective Courses. 2 ) Write qour name. enrolment number, full address and date on the top right-hand-corner ol')our nn\rcr \hect(s). 3 ) M'ritc the Course I'itle, Assignment Number and the name o f the Study Ccntrc you are...
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