Ignorance Is Bliss

Topics: Unemployment, United States, Person Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: November 2, 2010
“Ignorance Is Bliss”, this statement can be true or false . Take an ignorant individual with a below average lifestyle, although that person is in need of money he or she can find happiness. Being ignorant has many downsides such as not being aware of the current economy, being unemployed or not being aware of a hazardous disease in their area. Being knowledgeable brings a variety of qualities such as success along with happiness. An individual that has plenty of money, a steady job, obviously successful finds happiness. Anyone can be bliss, no matter how much money they do or don’t have. It is completely up to the fools or knowledgeable individuals whether to be happy or miserable. Happiness can be found in any person, for example happiness can be only food to eat everyday and a loving wife for an ignorant person.

Ignorance is unwanted because it only takes one uneducated loser to cause a disaster. The more ignorant people that just don’t care, and are not knowledgeable about anything the worse society will become. Unemployment is a common plight found in ignorance that does not bring happiness to anyone including the successful people. Obtuse individuals are completely unaware of the economy or even who they voted for. A candidate for presidency can simply say “vote for me because I will fix the problems that America is dealing with such as the economy” ignorant people can easily figure that this guy knows what he is deliberately planning, which is to fix the economy. Barack Obama is a good example because what has he fixed…… nothing but he is the United States of Americas current president because many ignorant people votes for him. Less and less great minds have been seen because the majority of our population is ignorant. Bad presidents, unemployment is all caused by not caring individuals which does not bring happiness.

Successful money-makers undoubtedly find happiness, the New York Times did a survey that proved that knowledgeable people are...
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