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1/What strategy resources and/or capabilities does WSU have? Using the model in the book, what are the characteristics of this/these resources/capabilities? WSU has an asset such as mix of majors, good customer services, high technology in the resouces. WSU has strong nursing, and teaching majors that exits in WSU's strategic resources for a long time ago. It is rare because few schools supply for these majors, and have a long history. WSU inspires their students (customers) to apply for school by scholarship, financial Aida, traditions of winning in sports, friendly environment, and hard studying trend. WSU professors write the valuable books for their own cources that is difficult to immitate because they are protected by patents, copyright. WSU has the nonsubstituable resouces such as WSU collaborates with Art Museum, Mechanics Hall, higher learning institutions.WSU is suppoted by government. They have a stable finance to maintain their system from layoffs, strikes. Besides,WSU is doing building more architectures of housing, library, serving food place. Every year, they improve their knowledge and skillful employees, and they had just received the honorable Princeton Review. 2/ Describe the marketing function of WSU by describing each of these topics for it: a.Market (geographic scope and target segments): mix of majors OT, Business, Biology...and create many course for day/evening students, full time and part time students. Class and online course are more effective. b.Product: The higher education degree is valuable with provided by knowledge professors, internship opportunities. c.Price: WSU has a low tuition that they can attract more students from other private schools. d.Promotional: Strong advertising, and interesting website set up to introduce WSU to customers, WSU promotes to high school students by opening the summer camp, or tour guide visitors every weekend. e.Place (distribution): WSU located in the nice environment that is very fresh air, and...
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