Igcse History Revision Charts

Topics: World War II, Treaty of Versailles, United States Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: October 27, 2010
IGCSE History Revision Charts
1. Were the peace treaties fair of 1919-21?
-The Big Three (USA, France, Britain) gathered in Paris for the treaty of Versailles

-USA believed in self determination at a strong way.

-Britain and France wanted to make Germany pay a lot of reparations as well to gain other colonies, as a punishment for WWI. France wanted at an alarming rate to punish Germany.

-The treaties could be justified because they had to control Germany and make sure it wouldn’t go to war again. But the passed the line and created a resentment in the German population with later on made WWII.

-By the other hand, the treaty of Versailles was not a much justice-representative treaty, due to its extremely hard terms of punishments, all established to e carried out in the German country; in other words the Big three abused of their position over Germany’s situation.

2. To what extent was the League of Nations successful?
-The League of Nations was not so successful because it couldn’t stop WWII from happening but it did manage well the colonies

-The weaknesses of the league were very significant; it was considered a European club and also considered racist. It wasn’t composed of all the nations only the winning countries of WWI and some other ones.

-So on, making decision was very hard; every country was looking for its well being also the USA was not part of it so only France and Britain were the main super powers that made all the decisions

-The depression made a bad effect on the league counties didn’t have any money so they couldn’t help the league economically

-One of the main factors that granted to the League its failure, were the great powers that were not members, so the League was losing power and trust through time, such as Germany and the USSR who joined after a long-term period of time.

-Problem: Britain and France (power states in LN) didn’t trust each other and couldn’t agree often.
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