Iformation Systems Proposal

Topics: Information systems, Decision theory, Decision support system Pages: 3 (518 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Information Systems Proposal
George Egloria
January 7, 2013
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Information Systems Proposal

Table of Contents
Introduction to K&C Record Store3
Types of Organizational Information Systems Recommendations3
Decision Support Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning
Expert Systems
Functional Area IS
Management Information System
Benefits and Drawbacks of Information Systems4

Organizational Information Systems are vital for businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. These systems are to organize, maintain, and track records on budget, sales, inventory, and employees. K&C Records is a small business in need of information systems to compete with bigger companies. Here are proposals of five types of information systems that may assist K&C Records in gaining a competitive advantage.

The Discussion Support System’s function is to give access to data and analysis tools. An example to this system is that the discussion support system analyzes changes in budget. Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that combines areas of an organization. ORACLE and SAP are few examples of database systems to store data such as accounting information. The Expert System copies the human expertise in certain areas and makes decisions. An example would be an analysis on credit card approvals. For the Functional Area IS, the function of this system is to provide backup activities within a certain area such as processing payroll. The fifth proposal is the Management Information System. This system makes reports summed up and form transaction data. What this is for example, is...
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