If I Were a Magician

Topics: Sales, Usenet, FAQ Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: September 24, 2012
If I Were A Magician…
…I’d be run out of town.
That’s because a good magician NEVER reveals their tricks. Well I’m opening up my bag of tricks here and I’ve found a couple of great tricks that you’ll just love. Why? Because they’re easy to understand and even easier to implement. Plus they’re critical if you want to break down your prospect’s defences so they’ll let you in. ***BUT I HAVE TO WARN YOU FIRST***

Some people WILL be offended by this post. If you’ve got sensitive skin, you better stop reading now because I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to an inbox full of unsubscribers. OK, since you’re still reading let’s begin. It’s called “Its Not Your Fault”. You see, as business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs we all take responsibility for our actions. We know our success AND failures are a direct result of our actions. In short, if we fail…it’s generally OUR fault! But you can’t tell your prospect that, can you. Imagine how your diet prospect will feel when you tell them its THEIR fault they’re overweight, or never succeeded at a diet. May as well kiss that sale goodbye. You have to tell them its not their fault. That the diet industry is out to get them. That they want you to fail. Rightly or wrongly this is what they want to hear, and if you tell them this they’ll listen to you. If you’re in the financial industry you have to tell them it’s not THEIR fault they’re poor. Its those barstads at the bank, or the people behind the stock market who stole all their money, or their financial planner who gave them bad advice. Tell them this and they’ll be looking at you for salvation. So make sure you take the blame away from them. Even if it IS their fault, make sure you tell them its not. If you blame them for their problem then you’ve got no hope of bonding with them, and making the sale. Second, the power of Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ in your marketing is often a critical factor. Especially in a hard mailing. Its because people have objections...
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