If I Were a Homeless Dog or Cat

Topics: Water, Predation, Theobromine poisoning Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Imagine your life as a homeless dog or cat. Describe what you think a typical day might be like.
If I had to imagine my life as a homeless dog or cat my typical day would be waking up hopeless by just waking up all over again with that same feeling of all my pain, being lonely, scared, cold, or maybe thirsty and hungry also wandering around and look for attention .This would also depend on whether I live in a busy city or countryside because as a cat for example living in the busy city I would probably have an awful, hunger-filled day because without water and food I could cause a permanent liver damage to myself, even though I can last from 2 to 3 weeks without food and also I would go around every day trying to find food and hoping that someone can come and pick me up and take me with them so that I can just be loved , but In the country, I could hunt very easily and maybe have a better life there because I would tend to eat a lot of things like mice ,rats ,birds, squirrel and also drinking water I would go like to the lake nearby and my life as a cat would be better in the country than a busy city where a lots of cars and people go by and not even one of them would care to help me but in the country I would have water and food there even if it hard to find but I know my life would be better there. My life as a cat would be short and I know I would struggle the most finding food and water in an environment filled with the constant threats of disease, starvation and cruelty. My life as a dog is very hard that every day I fear of being abused because I know my life is under risk and that losing my life is very possible. There are a lot of people out there that don’t like me because of who I am and how I look like, every day I see how other people just passes by me hoping that they would pet me or that they would give me food but instead they scare me away because to them I’m just a street animal.Every day I go around searching for food,...
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