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If I Were a Bird

By | April 2011
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If I were a Bird
If I were a bird, I wish I could run away from the disturbing things in school or family. Since I have faced some difficulties of friendship and learning recently, I am eager to abandon everything and live a happy life. There are several reasons that I want to be a bird. First of all, if I were a bird, I could fly up high in the sky and breath the fresh air that I have never enjoyed before. In the sky, I don’t have to care too much about others’ feelings and thoughts and I can just enjoy the feeling of freedom and carelessness. Secondly, I could travel to different countries and wonder in multiple breathtaking landscapes and exotic architectures to feast my eyes. In this way, I could expand my horizons. I think that I must broaden my horizons and enrich my experiences as a college student in this knowledge exploded era. Thirdly, except from traveling between diverse countries, I could also choose where to live in my own will. What a wonderful thing it is! The last but not the least, I don’t have to worry about the future if I were a bird and only have to live in the present rather than living in the purpose-driven life. In the above mentioned, there are plenty advantages to live a bird life. No matter how far-reaching that kind of dream it is, I still believe that if I could be a bird, it must be the most amazing thing in my life.

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