If I Were to Wake Up as the Other Gender

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Tomorrow, things would be different if I woke up as a boy. I would jump into the shower, but instead of the usual 20 minutes, it would only take me half the time to finish. I would be amazed about how much faster I could dress. It would also take me half the time to get ready since I do not have to dry my formerly long beautiful hair; now, I could just run a comb through my short hair. When I see myself in the mirror, my first reaction probably would be, “Holy Cow, I am so hairy!” Although I would be transformed into a male, I would still need to maintain my appearance. This means I would pluck my eyebrows, especially my unibrow, shave if I needed to, and make sure my face is fully moisturized. Shaving might consume the most time since I would have so much hair. When I finish washing up, I would need to get dressed for school. This would be a challenge since I do not have any male clothes, except some baggy shirts that I wear to sleep. I would need to wear one of them and find pants that would fit me. I would notice how my feet have grown and would need to borrow my roommate’s shoes. He always leaves them at the door so I would not bother him. He would freak out if he finds a male in his apartment. I would need to sneak out before he woke up. I would not care about what I wear because it would not be important. I would grab all my belongings for school. I would normally be nervous and anxious, but on the drive to school, I would be extremely excited to see what my day would entail. Also, I would be afraid of what my best friend would think about this situation. She would most likely scream out since she was used to me being a female. I would arrive at school and see my friend at our usual spot. I would go up to her and she would probably jump up and down thinking I was insane. I would calm her down and explain to her what happened. We would not gossip because my friend would still be trying to grasp the concept, and being a male, it would be hard to talk a...
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