If I Were President

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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If I were president  If I were president,I am going to change lots and lots of cases of the country,for example,price of food,education and many others.For instance,I would like to make the people's lives more easier.To make the people's lives more easier,I must change some systems in the government.      For example,the most important system I would change is the education system.In the 21st century,we must learn have alot of knowledge to have a bright future,so for the primary schools,I must sadly add some more subjects.These subject include another few languages from other countries,other than BM,Chinese and English.Children nowdays can learn more languages to push them towards the international world.Secondly,I would want to buy more workbooks and encyclopaedia sort of books to make them more smarter.The languages can be chose freely.Hopefully now, children get influenced by music and wants to learn another language.Then,for secondary schools,they must continue with their language from primary school and also add more science subjects for example physics,biology and chemistry but they will study the basics only,so when those students so to science stream,they can learn more deeper knowledge about science.   Secondly,I would like to change the prices of food stuff,for example rice,sugar,pepper and many raw materials.I want to use the concept of quality and good prices.So poor families can afford to have complete nutrition and poor children can also gain vitamins and nutrition to help them grow well.    Thirdly,I must look through the tax problems.The tax collection is according to monthly pay and everyone must pay tax when they start work.Fine are given to those who don't pay taxes.So if the world is unfair,I try to make the country fair.Other than that the next problem is about the safety of the country.In today's society,the safety nowdays are like hangman,so to push down criminal data,I hope the inventors in the country can invent robot polices,to catch...
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