If I Were in Charge of School

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“If I were in charge of school”

If I were in charge of school,
I’d cancel homework, restricted lunch, tardies, and also exams.

If I were in charge of school,
There’d be more freedom, better lunches, and better computers.

If I were in charge of school,
You wouldn’t have any classwork, you wouldn’t have any textbooks, you wouldn’t have any rules, or a “Dress Code”, you wouldn’t even have to pass your classes.

If I were in charge of school,
The principal would be a janitor, all teachers would be students and students would have more power over teachers. And a person who sometimes forgot to go to school and sometimes forgot to go to class would still be allowed to be in charge of school.


My name is Sebastian
I am cool, quiet, intelligent, and athletic.
Sibling of Alejandro, son of Consuelo and Jose
Who loves Soccer, My family, and God.
Who feels good, energetic, and fun.
Who needs God, success, and sleep
Who gives hope, love , and advice
Who fears failure, snakes, and the loss of a loved one
Who would like to see Gattuso, God, and Paris
Resident of Duluth, Ga, 623 Bradford Creek

The ‘’I” Poem

I am
Athletic, Christian, and Peaceful
I like to spend time with my family and friends, and I like soccer Respectful, Humble, Funny people are important to me
I know that I am going to be successful in the future
I get stressed out about homework,
But when I finish it I feel successful and proud
I have strong feelings towards my girlfriend,
I have strong feelings toward my family
I have strong feelings toward God.
This is me.

I am Creative and Special
I wonder what I will look like when I’m old
I hear the ocean
I see the sunrise
I want to become a professional soccer player
I am Creative and Special
I pretend to not be myself sometimes
I feel magical
I touch the clouds
I worry about losing someone important in my life
I cry my dog’s death
I am Creative and Special
I understand that I’m not...
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