If I Were Chief Minister of State

Topics: Reservation in India, Tamil Nadu, Indian reservation Pages: 5 (908 words) Published: January 24, 2013
irst of all i would really do something to wash out the complete corruption from our system .and for that the main thing to do is to flush out the whole people of this corrupt system then i would really love to slower down the rate of crime in our country . then would add some petrol to our justice giving system so that its speed does increase ,any person found guilt he would be surrendered to the society because only the shoe wearer knows where dose it pinch i would really love to see india as a developed nation not the developing nation and for that give resigination letter to all the old sick $%@#$% politician . because those who are not able to handel thenselves in this age how could they handel whole nation

"If I were the Chief Minister......", is a Dream,that may frequent a person 

interested in Society and its Land..

If you are such a person,flood this thread with Practical Dreams,an idea that 

could transform the land of Tamils into a Modern Civilised Society with 

matching allround development.

But,it should be inclusive and touch every citizen.

My seed..

1. Development requires huge funds at one's disposal.The ruler can earn 

additional income by Tax, by savings in revenue expenditure. I will include 

all Business small or big under VAT, including street vendors.WIll cut IAS and 

IPS postings by half along with their empire by abolishing and mergeing.

Aim is to bring down expense under wages to below 10 percent.

Direct all incomes generated from minerals to the State.

A new tax on Sanitation covering all employees and Business enterprise.

Save from targetted freebies.

2.Will Make all Public enterprises as independant entities, responsible for 

own Financial Management,professional Administration and development.

3.Will plan to demolish all existing hamlets,habitations by Building modern 

townships with a minimum population of 10,000 ,self sustaining Citizens 

without any vertical hirarchial social organisation. Allalong 

National,state,district,rural roads.

People of all variety need to be introduced to modern living in a house with 

Living room,Bed room.Kitchen and toilet and introduce all likeable social 


4.Urban Development Agency in every town with a population of 50,000. Only 

organised growth will be allowed. Architectural plans for all towns,covering 

all aspects.

Plan to restrict growth in size of all interior towns and cities.

Undergound drainage with waste treatment plants and a 1000 acre farm to 

utilise treated water around all such settlements.

Plan to develop 30 Coastal Towns like Puthuchery all along ECR from Chennai to 

Kanyakumari, to accomodate 1 Million each over 50 years .

100 percent coverage in water supply,drainage and waste disposal.

5.Develop an Industrial Park in every Assembly constituency. MLA/MP funds 

should be mandated to set up Small and medium Enterprises in assocation with 

Private Entrepreuners, and appropriate to that region'requirement. Target to 

create ,10,000 employment every year.

6.Increase forest cover by Tree planting in mission mode in all poramboke and 

waste private lands, so that roaming eyes never miss a Green belt all around 

the State.

7.Develop Joint sector Industrial projects in all districts to produce  everything that is consumed in TN by the State and Public.

8.Drive away all superstitious practice embedded in culture by extensive 

knowledge infusion.

9.The State may become presentable now and it is time to beautify, with 

Parks,entertainment avenues,Architectural landmarks and what not...

More dreams.. to be contd...

If I become the Chief Minister of the state....

Policy 1: Eradicate Caste and Caste based reservations.

Caste system is in existence is primarily because of the pride associated with it and the need for us mention it in every form that we fill for education to work to whatever... and the...
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