If I Were Alloted a Piece of Land What Would I Build on It?

Topics: Education, School, Child Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: February 15, 2013
All our lives we've been told that “big problems” require “big solutions” and that taking big steps is the best way to reach our most sought-after goals. But I think that is a lie. We have to first pour the foundation and then slowly and with time, finish the long-awaited task. I think the most important thing a person can do in his life is raise a child and guide him on the right path. The only way a child can grow is to be educated in a school,a place that will equip him with all of the necessary tools for life. So if I was allotted a piece of land and asked to do something productive with it, it would be a school. Building a school will not only provide our children a good education but will also provide jobs, and centralize students in one area. A new school will provide the adults that reside in one area jobs, so they will no longer feel the need to go abroad to make a living. They will get the extraordinary privilege of raising their children, guiding them on their path to adulthood. They will witness the miraculous changes they go through and pick them up when they stumble along the bumpy road. It will create more revenue for our village, create a stability. On our back roads we will see children hanging out and enjoying themselves not only elderly people desperately trying to get somewhere. It will create a balance between adults and children, not children and elders. We will focus on rebuilding a strong and healthy community instead of fleeing the country with the hope of finding a better place. It will centralize students in one area, so that long distances and transportation will no longer be an issue. By doing this we will also create a competition between schools and bring back the interest of getting a good education. Students will desire to built a good foundation from their childhood up to their youth instead of expecting everything to be handed to them freely without having to work for it. It will bring together all those...
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