If I Could Have 3 Wishes

Topics: Wish, Mind, Thought Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Keishla Diaz
C Block, Mr. Willard
Sept 16, 2010
If I could find something/someone who could grant me three wishes I would have many thoughts going through my mind. It would be a great, yet very indecisive moment. I would have to think of what that wish can do to my future, if it would make it better or make it a bad future that no one would like to have. My 1st wish would be to have a great future not only me but my family as well, because I know that by wishing that my next two wishes will not bring bad luck upon me. After that wish my 2nd wish would be to always have the right amount of money I need, not anymore and not any less, that way I would be able to buy what I want or need and I won’t have to worry about not having enough money to buy things for my family. And last, my 3rd wish! Since this is my last wish I really have to think about what I want. My 3rd wish would be that all those mean but rich people who waste their money on stupid things they don’t even need, would share their money with those who are in need with those who while they eat 5, 6, 7 times daily, have to starve during the day and need to go to sleep with their stomachs empty, that they would share their money with those people that while they sleep under a nice warm roof on a fine luxurious bed, they sleep under the cold, dark sky and on top of the grass with nothing on to cover their bodies from the cold weather outside. That would be what I would wish for if I could only have three wishes.
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