If a Win a Million Dollars

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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Everybody dreams of one day winning a million dollars. If I won a million dollars I would

probably go crazy. Many opportunities would open up for me. Most of all, my goals will become much

easier to achieve. Things I would do are help my family, help the poor who can’t afford food or school,

and, finally, I would probably go back to my hometown.

The first thing that I probably would do is to help my family. Everybody would do the same in

my place. We all love our family; that’s why we help them first. We have a lot of debts to pay and the

money would help a lot. My family is going to be in charge of the money because if I take charge of

it I would spend it on nonsense stuff.

I would like to share some money to the poor kids that are homeless. That would make me

happy and for sure it will make the kids even happier. I would help the kid go to school and pay for his

schooling. I think that kid will be grateful and some day that kid would help someone out in need.

The reason that we come to United States of America is to have a better life then what we had

back home. Back home, the money that has been earned every day only covers the food and a few bills.

At my age, it would take me a lot of years to have a house or a car. The lottery can change all of that

and it would be much easier to live in Mexico.

The chance of getting a million dollars is a great opportunity to make all your dreams come true.

It can make your life easier and can help you aid the ones that need help. Having that much money

Gives you the power of shaping your life in so many ways possible. So many people have the chance

but so many people forget what they had in mind before getting the money. I hope not to forget my

goals because if I win a million dollars, I would make my goals come true.
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