If Your Father Is a Fisherman

Topics: Fishing, Tide, Fisherman Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: November 16, 2011
If your Father is a Fisherman

I recently live in a place of every man’s dreams. A dwelling where people are friendly, practices are not yet touched by liberated culture and norm, resources are abundant and families are greatly blessed by God with serenity and harmonious relationship. This place is much known all over the province as a “Fountain of fresh sea foods and fish”. I am definitely proud to tell others that I live in Bonawon, a small but progressive suburb somewhere in Siaton, Province of Negros Oriental. A community of noble men from all walks of life where people’s number one livelihood is fishing.

However, in today’s Computer Era, fishing is an unwanted and not an option among all the profession. But just like a jigsaw puzzle, fishing livelihood is a piece that community can’t be completed without. I personally salute the fishermen for their unfailing toils in bringing the harvest for the day to shore and into our kitchen daily.  It is a very risky calling that almost all men will not switch to, considering that many of us aimed to be academically blessed and qualified for office jobs.  Moreover, their jobs are lowly rewarded monetarily. They are affected so much by the economic crisis due to the rising fuel cost and increases in prices of other consumer goods.

Think for a moment. Can we survive a day without seafood in our diet? Can we survive a day as a fisherman with an academic achievement? Or we need the physical and mental strength?  Do you know how to steer a boat?  Do you know how to swim? Can you repair a leakage? It takes skills and analytical ability to be a fisherman.  We need to know the time to go out to the sea and the time for low tides and high tides; where the wind’s blowing direction is and how deep is the sea by just looking at the water. Can we withstand the searing heats of the sun, and the wet and cold showers of the rain and thunderstorm? Where are the schools of fish to be found?  To know the time when to cast our...
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