If You Want Peace; Prepare for War!

Topics: World War II, Prehistory, Stone Age Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: September 20, 2008
In the pre-historic times, there lived a pact of men in a cave. The men use to go out in the day and hunt for food. One day the strongest of the pact wanted a bigger share from the food and so he did, the others did not mind. Slowly it became a regular practice, eventually leading to a conflict amongst them. It resulted in a battle between the strongest and the second best… they fought each other with sticks & stones. The strongest managed to kill his opponent. The rest watched and decided to abide by the law of the jungle… survival of the fittest.

Thousands of years later; AD 96, Marcus Nerva; the emperor of Rome was out to conquer the world alongside his undefeatable army; waging war against all those who oppose… all who stand in his way would suffer his wrath.

Even today, all the knowledge, science & technology have not changed the basics of human society structure; the strong shall rule and conquer over the weak. It’s always been the law of the land In the Stone Age people killed each other for food & shelter; in the middle age, empires fought each other to conquer land, today the fight is for economic resources. Maybe the choice of weaponry has changed over the period of time, but the truth of the matter is that the wars waged today are no different than the wars wagged thousands of years ago… simply because the purpose of the war remains the same.

Honorable Chairperson, as every other person in this august house I grew up believing in the obvious differentiation between war & peace. That war breads hatred, peace breads love! I believed in the darkness of war and the beauty of peace… I believed it was war that swallowed humanity and drove it centuries back… I believed it was war that caused the deaths of over 250 million people only during the 20th century… I believed it was war that contaminated the earth with poison, the bodies with gunpowder and the minds with lunacy…. I believed it was peace we wanted!

I believed it was peace that would...
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