If You Have to Ask and Tennis

Topics: If You Have to Ask, Need to know, 2009 singles Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Zack Wilson

Professor Boyd

English 110


What Tennis taught me!

Tennis has taught me many things over the last few years. Most of the things have been harder to achieve then others, but they are all very important. Some of the most important things it has taught me are things like responsibility. It has taught me to be able to think clearly under pressure. Tennis has helped me plan out what I need to do to become successful. One of the other very important thing that it has made me aware of is self discipline. I think that the most important thing that it has taught me is that nothing is easy, and you have to work hard for what you want.

One of the most important things I have learned from tennis is that you have to work hard. These days nothing comes easy. You have to work hard for anything and everything that you want. You have to devote most of your time to what you are trying to accomplish. This means you are out there trying to make yourself better everyday. You are asking others for advice, or working with someone to try and better myself in what I am trying to do. It’s helped me understand that I don’t know everything and that many people can help me understand. Along with working hard you need to take responsibility of what you do and your actions. As well as with tennis and other thing I do I work very hard in and out of the classroom. With writing papers to doing homework it has helped me concentrate on what I need to do.

Responsibility is another important thing that tennis has taught me. You have to take responsibility in the things that you do. Responsibilities meaning you have practice, eat right, be in shape, be able to improve on all your skills, understand your opponent and be able to break down his game and prepare for a match. You need to be able to plan out what you have to do and do it. Creating a schedule is very important and should be done by everyone. It helps you organize what you need to do and keeps...
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