If You Have 24 Hours to Live

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Last Chance

I’ve always had a certain bucket list in life in which I want to achieve before I die. These are the things that I always dream late at night or even when I’m awake, and if I am left with only 24 hours to live, I would start checking my bucket list and I am going to make these things I wrote to come in reality and get the best of both worlds. It would be my last chance to experience everything. The first thing I’ll do is to conquer my fear of heights. For a change, I would like to experience rappelling. I know it seems absurd but I would love to feel the blood rushing in me even for the last time. I’ll also buy lots of food to indulge myself in. I would try the foods I’ve never eaten before and would savour every taste of heaven and hell out of it. The next thing I’ll do is to repent. I will donate some of my belongings to people who are in need. I would also confess my sins so that before I enter the gates of heaven, my soul is purified. The last thing I’ll do is that I am going to call everyone dear to me. I am going to tell them how grateful I am to be able to meet great and amazing people like them. I would assure them, that wherever I may go, there will always be a piece of them that would I would forever treasure. I’m going to thank them for trusting me even before I’ve done something to warrant it. I am also going to ask for forgiveness for all the foolishness and/or mischievousness that I have done that may have tore their hearts apart. I am also going to tell them that I love them, and this time, I am going to mean it even though they may not believe me at all. Always and forever. After accomplishing all those things, I would look back in my past and relive all those memories back. Hopefully, there would be no regrets.
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