“If You Could Make a Positive Change to Your Life, What Would You Like That Change Be?”

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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You ask me about a positive change I want to make if I could. Yes! People always want to make changes in their lives: some want to be strong, some want to be the rich...some even want to change the world ^-^.For me. It’s simple. It’s not a physical change because everybody can grow up by this way. But here, I am expressing about the change in thinking>it’s the change from a want-of- thought person to be a mature one, it’s really important not only for me but also for all of you even though somebody thinks that it’s such a small thing. To prove my opinion, I will tell you a story; an unforgettable experience in my whole life. Sixteen years passed by from a day at the end of October in the year of monkey. I have had many changes. From a stunted kid, now I become a healthy high school girl thanks to my mother’s tender hands and the protection of my father. But the real change only came to make a new me just nearly 2 months ago, it was a terrible event. It was a scorching sun noon. That day, I dragged my feet to go home in a depressed mood. Holding the mark chart of the last semester tightly in my hand, I was transfixed and I even didn’t want to cry: I was at the last position of all students in my class. I felt that thin paper was as heavy as thousands of pounds...because I knew how much sad and disappointed my parents would be. I can’t help thinking about my mother‘s eyes dimmed with tears. I wasn’t strong enough to cope with that horrible sight; I decided to write a letter enclosed the mark chart and left home. I wandered through all streets in my beloved city with a friend of mine and then came to sleep at one of my classmates’ house. The first night far from parents, from loving house was as long as a century. I tossed about sleeplessly all through the night with indescribable feelings. I was lost in thought of myself. At the thought of my mother, I compassionated her a lot. Why did she have a daughter like me? A resplendence sensation was full in my heart. I...
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