If You Could Change Any Event in History, What Would You Change and Why?

Topics: Letters from Iwo Jima, World War II, Battle of Iwo Jima Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: December 13, 2012
If you could change any event in history, what would you change and why?

Last summer vacation, I watched two movies directed by ClintEastwood (Clinton Eastwood Jr.).Their titles ware “Flags of Our Fathers”, and “Letters from IWO Jima”. These two movies ware said to have been taken faithful to reality. These movies were released in 2006, and these ware famous at that time because they were simultaneously produced at USA and Japan. If I could change any event in history, I want to change “The Battle of IWO Jima”, because of two reasons.

After I saw these movies, I was very shocked and impressed by the movies, and I looked through the material which writes about Battle of IWO Jima. In that days, the dawn of battle at IWO Jima, citizens started to doubt about WW2 and wanted to give up, not only Japanese, but also Americans did. But greedy Japanese and American government never want to compromise each others. Finally the battle of IWO Jima has been started. In the battle, 20,129 Japanese soldiers and 6,821 American soldiers died. In this battle, the most famous picture was taken. This picture encouraged Americans who has been tired about WW2. I think government should compromise each other, before that time. If they do so, we shouldn’t regret many people who died in vain. This is the first reason.

The second reason is, If two government has compromised and sign a case-fire agreement, today we can see the equally relationship between Japan and America. I think Japan is under the thumb of America, now. Because just before battle of IWO Jima, two country’s citizens were started to give up the war. At that point, only government has compromised, citizens of two countries could regret and praise each other.

Because of these two reasons, I want to change Battle of IWO Jima. But finally I think I don’t want to change the history. Because if the history is different from now, we can see in the historical material, I didn’t born maybe, and probably we couldn’t...
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