If You Could Back and Change One Day in Your Life, What Would You Change and Why?

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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IF YOU COULD BACK AND CHANGE ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE AND WHY? Every human being sometimes make mistakes that could regret after doing that. Considering this, two years ago I have had daily trip at my friend’s house.Me and my friend Mike are best friends since elementary school.At the party time. We got drunk and there happened a kiss between two of us. First of all, mike and I know each other since we were little kids. When we went in high school we were in the same class. Almost every day he came at my place and both hung out for hours. Watching moives , eating popcorn, laughing and discussing were our favourite things to do. Also we were, and still we are, jogging in the park sometimes. So, when we got to my friend’s house, we started to make barbeque, listen to music, and enjoythe time. Also we bought a lot of drinks. There were lots of wine, vodka, and some other spirits. All my company wew joking each other, I had so many happy moments with my beauty friends. There wasn’t any sober person that day. Among my friends was also my brother. While my friends were laughing in the yard my best friend Mike and I god a little drunk and somehow we found each other in one room alone. Meanwhile, my brother had to go on excursion, and all mu company were sent him. In that room, me and Mike were doing some stupid things, laughing hardly, like best friends do. But there was a moment that we stopped talking, a got a little serious. That moment was the weirdest moment in my life with him. I didn’t know what is happening. When a l finally realized that we are actually kissing and touching each other, I got shocked. At one moment hes said ‘ what we are doing, we are drunk’, but he kept kissing me. For me, that was beautiful moment and I couldn’t stop returning.. About fiveteen minutes later my other friends came in the room but lucky for me, we didn’t do anything in that moment. We told them that Mike is having a bad stomach feeling and I was...
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