"If You Are Not in Businees, Take Down the Sign!

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"If You Are Not in Businees, Take Down the Sign!

By | April 2010
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“If You Are Not In Business, Take Down The Sign!”

Been shopping lately, or had to call customer service to get an issue resolved? Either way, you will discover that customer service these days leaves a lot to be desired. This brings me to the question, why has customer service declined to such bad state?

“Excellent customer service is the lifeblood of customer retention, and weighs heavily on a company’s integrity”.

The shopping malls are brimming with stores who sell the exact same merchandise. What makes one go back and shop in a particular store over and over again, and bypass another? “Excellent Customer Service!” Customers want to feel that their continued business is appreciated, and they are treated with the respect a valued consumer deserves. Many consumers base their decision to purchase a product on previous experiences with a company, and also on recommendations of friends and relatives. The consumer looks at “Where do I get more bang for my bucks”? Meaning you may have a excellent product, however, if your customer service ethics leave at lot to be desired, consumers will have no problem of switching companies, even though their prices are higher, just because of the principle and value factor. Many companies have become too indifferent to the voices of their customers, believing if they just sell the product(s) the profit margin will rise, no matter what. Guess what? WRONG!!! Eventually, even though this may be a large organization with a false sense of security, the company will see the rate of customer retention decline rapidly. In order to maintain and grow a company’s profit and market share, it is absolutely pertinent to understand the consumers thought process, while making their purchase decision and while they are using the products and services. What is the point of opening the doors for business if the consumer is last on the totem pole? The entire concept of business is having what the customer want, when they want it, at the...

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