If the Research Budget Is Limited, Exploratory Research Should Depend on the Case Before Dispensed with

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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If the research budget is limited, exploratory research can be dispensed with.

If the research budget is limited, exploratory research should depend on the case before dispensed with.

First of all, I’ll define the exploratory research. Exploratory research is an initial research conducted to explore, define and identify the nature of a problem, it has subsequent research expected which does not provide conclusive evidence. It’s including quantitative data and qualitative data. The purpose on conducting exploratory research mainly are diagnosed a situation, screening alternatives and discover new ideas.

1. to formulate a problem or define a problem more precisely 2. to identify alternative courses of action
3. to develop hypotheses
4. to isolate key variables and relationships for further examination 5. to gain insights for developing an approach to the problem 6. to establish priorities for further research.

First, exploratory research can assist market researchers in finding possible causes to the symptoms communicated by decision makers. Second, exploratory research can uncover possible avenues for reaching decision makers’ objectives. most commonly used exploratory research techniques cost significantly less than large scale formal research such as surveys or experiments. if exploratory research helps researchers address the right questions and avoid mistakes in the conduct of these larger research projects, then they merit their expense.

The research steps:

The exploratory research can be dispensed while the researcher already got distinct problem and solution.

It’s hard to demonstrate that dispensed the exploratory research under budget limited is appropriate. Different situation and problem might lead to different research process and objective.

Marketing research designs are divided into Exploratory research and conclusive research. Exploratory research can’t be totally relied on solving problem, but conclusive...
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