If People Worked Less, Would They Be More Creative and Active During Their Free Time?

Topics: Homer Simpson, Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 16, 2013
What is the relationship between leisure and ingenuity? We all have our own answers to such question which hence has divided us into various groups. No doubt, some would fell free to raise their view that increasing available time gives people a chance to approach new subjects and enlightened by something unexpected. The mainstream, on the contrary, votes for ’Work make the world better’. They believe paragons of ingeniousness such as computer boom, edifices and books are the crystallization of human’s work. However, those that we take pride in are only natural progress of certain professions. In my dictionary, our individual creativity and active state languish in accord of burdensome working load.

People would not be alien to ‘The Simpsons’. It is a famous American cartoon demonstrates how a modern worker spends his monotonous days. Homer Simpson is the master of the family. He works in a nuclear factory, leading a boring and routine life. The only thing he will do after work is to go to a bar nearby, drink his favorite Duff beer and kill the time. The arrival of 9 o’clock finishes his leisure. He comes home, carrying out his parental obligations-argument, or to be direct-be with his wife and children. Or some time, although it’s rare for him, sitting quietly on the sofa, watching TV show which is neither informed nor enlightening. People can never call Mr. Simpson’ story an extremist. Instead, he is a typical of modern worker who enjoying an entertainment of poor and ‘relaxed’. However, these people don’t deserve to be reproached since it’s ridiculous to instruct such guys initiate ’Brain storms’ under numerous affairs and horrible pressure.

When tracing back to the ancient time, it’s barely hard to discover sharp contrast. At the eras of late Renaissance, times when technology still a sleeping lion, people felt free to deliberate more in their affluent spare time. Da Vinci, regarded as a revolutionary painter, is also an eminent inventor, anatomist and...
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