If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again.

Topics: Time, Thomas Edison, Incandescent light bulb Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Every person has the power to accomplish his or her personal goal. But sometimes it is hard to reach that goal. Sometimes we don’t succeed at first time. If a person will try hard he will reach his goal. If a person gives up once he will give up all the time through out his or her life. Great people don’t become great easily; it takes a lot of patience and trying. Everybody can reach his or her goal if he tries hard. As I remember my uncle a couple years ago wanted to get a high paid job at university. He sent his resume once, but they rejected him. He didn’t give up. He sent his resume at least thirty times and finally he got the job at university. Now he is glad that he didn’t give up and he has a happy life. If you give up once, then you will be giving up all the time through out your life. A friend of mine who works at some restaurant always doesn’t finish his job, and quits. This is his seventh job that he is about to quit. He never gets through his job or any other tasks. It all started when he dropped out of high school. He always thought that low payment will be enough for him. As we can see now he was wrong. He regrets his past now, but nothing he can do. We can predict or plan future, but we cannot change our past. Great people don’t become great easily, it takes passion and trying. Historical people such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Lodygin, Swan and etc., who invented the light bulb didn’t just come up with ideas and solutions at the first time. They have tried many times, they worked hard day and night, they never gave up, and finally reached their goals. So if you want to be one of them in the history or get a good life then you got to do your best and never ever give up. From above reasons and examples I hope you will understand that you have the power to build the future for yourself and people around you. Never give up and you won’t regret later.
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