If All the Sky Were Paper

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james jones

The critique


If all the sky were paper

The Play if all the sky were paper is inspired by truly authentic letter from american soldier. These letters were written during wars ranging from the civil war to Iraq and Afghanistan. The actors in the play did a decent job playing their role but i cannot say that every monologue was a good one. Personally, I did not enjoy the play, with respect to what it represents and the crew that put it together. A play like this one is hard to enjoy in general unless every actor brings something unique and special to each of character, something worth watching.

The content of the play as mentioned in the previous paragraph, deals with real soldier's letters written during many different wars. The goal of this play is to depict the real life personal experiences of simple american heroes through these rare letters. What is all the more interesting about these letter is that many of them were written under very unexpected circumstances. One of the letters was written by a soldier to his sister while being attacked by the enemy. In the letter, the soldier said he was wrote it in order to keep himself calm, and it worked.

It must have been hard for the actors to perform to the best of their abilities because each actor had at least 3 or 4 different role to play. This play made it a point in using each letter as a monologue or a scene because they each represented real moments and genuine feelings occurring at the time. This put an enormous amount pressure on the actors to be able to bring back those feelings and make the audience beleive in the reality of that moment on stage. Some of the scenes in the play were poorly acted in my opinion because the actor could not relate to who ever he was playing. For example towards end of the show, Josh Domingez was acting the part of a Japanese person. I thought he had done quite impressive job on his other characters but for some reason, I could...
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