IELTS Speaking Test

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IELTS Speaking Test Australia May 2013
Sample IELTS speaking test questions from an IELTS interview in Australia

IELTS Speaking Test Australia | Part 1
What is your full name?
Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Can I see your ID?
Yes, of course, here it is.

Where are you from?
I'm from Mexico

Do you work or study?
At the moment, I'm here in Australia studying English. In Mexico I used to work as a marketing analyst.

Do you live in a house or an apartment?
In a rented house, here in Sydney.

Do you like it? [Why? / Why not?]
Yes, I like it very much. It's very different from my apartment back home in Mexico. It's also fun to share with some other people for a change. We are all here learning, or trying to improve, our English and hoping that we can eventually come and live here permanently in Australia.

Do you plan to move in the future?
Yes, weel I hope to move to Australia i the future. I'm going to be here for another 6 months and then I have to go back to Mexico for a while to organize some things. Then I want to look for a job here in Sydney and move here permanently. So I will be looking for an aprtment or maybe a small house here in the next year or so i think.

What would your future home look like?
If it's a house, I think it might be something similar to where I live at the moment. It's really nice, just outside the city in the suburbs. But I might decide to look for an aprtment in the city, so I guess that would be different, but I would still like it to be in a nice quiet area, maybe with a pool and some good neighbors.

IELTS Speaking Test Australia | Part 2
Talk about a radio programme you have listened to recently. Please say:

- what the programme was about
- when you listened to it
- if it was interesting [Why? / Why not]

IELTS Speaking Test Australia | Part 3
Are there any benefits to having a national radio station? [What are they?] How is advertising organized on the radio in your country?
Do you listen to the radio often? How often?
Why do you think some people like listening to the radio while they do other things?

IELTS Speaking Test Philippines
IELTS Speaking Test Philippines | Part 1
What is your full name?

Vilma Nicole Santos

Can I see your ID?
Yes, of course, here is my card.

Where are you from?
I'm from here, Manila.

Do you work or study?
I just started working, I graduated last summer.

Do you live in an apartment or a house?
I live with my parents in our family home - it's a large house in the suburbs of Manila.

Do you like your home?
Of course, I love it, I've lived there all my life and it is a very special place for me.

What kind of house would you like to have in the future?
I would really like to have a house like my parents I think. Maybe when I get married, but if I move to another country maybe I will change my mind and decide on something different. IELTS Speaking Test Philippines | Part 2

Describe an important plant in your country. Please say:

- What is this plant?
- How did you first learn about it?
- Why is it so important?

I can tell you about the Golden Shower Tree which is a well known plant here in the Philipinnes, well it's realy a small tree, but it's very populer here. It can grow quite tall, sometimes up to 20m high, it has green leaves, they're between 6 inches and 24 inches long typically and have smaller leaves, I think they're called 'leaflets' which are about 8 inches long. It produces lots of yellow flowers, I think that's how it got to be known as the Golden Shower Tree, because of the many golden or yellow colored flowers it produces. It has fruit which has a very strong odor and inside it there are seeds, these seeds are poisonous. The trunk or the main part of the tree and its branches are very hard wood. Here, these plants, or trees, are very popular with butterflies and bees which seem to find them very attractive - most probably because of the bright flowers on them.

I first remember...
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