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General first topics are in two paths:
* Where you live ( your city, area where you live, street, house) * Your studies, work, job
There are 2-5 topics are asked, and about 6-15 questions, in 4- 5 minutes Longer responses, fewer questions
Longer answers are preferable than short answers
1. Possible topics
Where you live| Collecting things| Cooking |
Your studies| Dancing| Weddings|
Your job| Learning language| Public transport|
Hobbies| Rain| Traveling|
Sports| Hotels| Names|
Television| Relaxation| Restaurants|
Music| Outdoor activities| Food|
Reading| Memories | Birthdays|
Email| Childhood | Seasons|
Learning English| Weather| Flowers|
Writing| Happiness| Birds|
Clothes| Shopping| Photography|
School ( primary school)| Films| Buildings|
Friends| Weekends| Museums|
festivals| Going out in the evening| Cycling|
Meeting new people| Animals| Healthy eating|
The sea| Routines| Colors|
Computers | Family | |
Note: questions topics are increasing every year
Approximate 50 topics are equal to about 250+ questions. Topics are varied, but the questions are in some main types. Ex: look at the following part 1 topic:
Tell me about your hometown.
What do you like about your hometown?
Is there anything you don’t like about your hometown?
Would you like to move to another city in the future?
Tell me about your studies.
What do you like about your studies?
Is there anything you don’t like about your studies?
What would you like to do after your studies?

So focus in question types
2. Question types
2.1 Type 1: Basic description
REMEMBER: the examiner is not interested in you, your life or anything you say. The examiner is doing a job. The job is to award a score for your spoken English in relation to the marking system. Ex: the examiner asks: Tell me something about your hometown? She/he is actually asking: “Show me your ability to describe something (a place) and give me some town or city vocabulary” Consider the following answer:

Well as you probably guess, I come from Beijing and I have lived here all my life although at the moment I’m studying in another city-Tianjin. I suppose if I had to describe Beijing, the first thing I would say is that it’s absolutely enormous, maybe even one of biggest cities in Asia I guess. It’s so big in fact that even the locals have problems findings their way around. Another significant characteristic is that it offers examples of both classical and contemporary architecture. Actually some of the China’s most renowned landmarks are “slap- bang” in the middle of Beijing. This answer score 7+ as it has: redundant language, linking phrases, one idiom, some uncommon vocabulary, topic- specific vocabulary, example of complex sentence, mix of tense, correct grammar.

Description structures:
Lead-in phrase:
Ok, then …Right, ok…
Alright… Well, ….
Well, you know…Well first of all….
Pointing phrase: ( redundant language)
..the first thing I should mention is that…
..the point I’d like to begin with is that…
… I could start off by saying that…
… my initial point would be that…
… I need to start off by pointing out that…
… the main thing you need to know is that…
…I suppose I should begin by highlighting the fact that… … you may( or may not) be aware that in fact…
… I really need to kick off with the point that…
Examples of 2nd pointing phrases:
Another point which I could add is that…
A second feature which I should mention is that…
As well as that, I could say that…
On top of that I can also add that…
Also, I suppose I should say that…

Examples of 3rd pointing phrases:
And I shouldn’t forget to mention that…
In addition to what I’ve just said, I can add that…
Something else that I need to comment on is that…
I guess I could also remark on the fact that…
A complete response:
Well first of...
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