Ielts Essay Questions

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I1 A generational conflict

2 Why learning English is so important?

3 Everyone can play in helping to stop global warming and the destruction of the planet. Agree or disagree?

4 Moving to a different place. Advantages and disadvantages. In the past most people spent their whole lives in the same village or small town, where all the residents knew each other. Nowadays, many people move to a different place, where they don't know anyone. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of this development.

5 Society today has more problems with the behaviour of teenagers than in the past. Discuss.

6 Government should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy. Agree or disagree?

7 Should children be allowed to work? Agree or disagree?

8 What is more important for children: art or mathematics? To get a good job today it is more important for children to study mathematics and foreign languages than art and music. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

9 The problem of poverty. Discuss
Poverty is a problem that affects many people in many countries. Some people believe that it is the government's responsibility to help them. Other believe that poor people should do more to help themselves.

10 Testing on animals. Agree or disagree.

11 Sport has never been as popular as it is today

12 Should young people be ambitious?
Young people should be ambitious or it is fine if young people do not have big aims in life.

13 Advantages and disadvantages of technology.

14 The advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

15 Different aspects of home working.

16 Technological advances

17 Consumption of water.

18 What do young people worry about?

19 Travelling by car.

20 Tourism can be good for the economy of an area but can also cause major environmental problems.

21 It is important to be good at social interaction, especially at work Nowadays many people believe that it is important to be good of social interaction in order to get ahead of work.

22 What is more important: cheap housing or glamorous buildings?

23 Should young children be told what to do?
Many people believe that young children should be told what to do and not be given a choice in matters. Discuss.

24 An animal can reduce stress
Some people believe that owing an animal can reduce stress in our lives. Agree or disagree.

25 Global warming. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon.

26 Food and technology. (How they relate to each other)

27 Money has ruined the competitive spirit and fun of taking part in sports.

28 Choosing three wishes

29 Where would you go?
If you could visit three places anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you do there?

30 Choosing a job
If you could choose any job in the world, which would you like to do and why?

31 The lottery
The lottery can ruin people's lives. Do you agree?

32 What are the positive and negative aspects of fame?

33 All education, primary, secondary and further education, should be free to all people and paid for by the government.

34 We should stop all pharmaceutical companies from doing trials on innocent animals. Animals also have emotions and feel equal pain as humans. We should stop all pharmaceutical companies from doing trials on innocent animals. Give your opinion.

35 Money cannot buy happiness.
"Money cannot buy happiness" it is often claimed. But with money you can buy most of the things that are necessary for happiness: good food, accommodation, entertainment, travel, quality health care. No wonder most people want to make as much money as possible. Do you agree or disagree?

36 Many companies offer various programs for rest and relaxation for their staff. Discuss. Many companies offer various programs for rest and relaxation for their staff. Do such programs help improve moral in the workplace? Determine the pros and cons of...
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