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Topics: Psychology, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: October 1, 2011
In many countries schools have severe problems with student behavior. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Since down, student behavior and reaction of school authority to this, was important issue and has undergone to considerable change. It seems student misbehavior and in consequence, reaction of society to this social difficulty is multi aspect issue, as a result, specialists have raised different points of view on that. While some of them believe this misbehavior must be controlled by school authority, there is also some strong points in favor of more flexible reaction in front of misbehavior of school students. Comment [PC1]: Point is always countable unless it is used as a synonym to "aim"

One of main points, which we should consider in order to find a solution for this social problem, is its source of that. We can consider various cause and source for this kind of behavior for example: It can come backderive from to their childhood and family back ground. Such as lack of (or excessive) paying attention of parents which cause to bringing up spoiled children. It can come back to might originate fotm their cultural back ground and contrast between cultural behavior of specific child with others which is considers considered by others as a misbehavior (but actually it is not like that) Also physical healthy health condition of each person such as lack of specific elements and vitamin can cause some aggressive and nervous misbehavior. Finally some intelligent persons who are more sensitive to surrounding environment will show different reaction which some time by mistake is considered as an a social disorder, for example Tomas Addison Edison was fired from school because of this kind ofsuch behavior.

Comment [PC2]: Cause is repeated, you can use : "result in" instead !


Comment [PC3]: This format of listing is not an acceptable way of stating reasons ! For more coherent paragraph you need to connect the...
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