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Some people think universities should provide knowledge and skills related to future career; others think the true function of university is to give access to knowledge for its own sake. What is your opinion of the main function of the university?

At present, some individuals believe that it is obligation of universities to afford knowledge and skills linked to future career, while others think giving access to knowledge is the main function of universities. In my opinion, the former view should be more reasonable.

To begin with, it is beneficial to students to obtain related knowledge about future career. If university students could know something about their future job in advance, they will adapt it more quickly than others. For example, students should learn more knowledge about culture from other countries so that they can negotiate a business contract with foreigners more easily. Therefore, it is essential for students to gain related knowledge from university before stepping into society.

Secondly, students who accumulate related skills on future job perform more competitive in their real career. It is necessary for universities to accommodate helpful skills to students so that they could become decent members for society. For instance, if students can use computer professionally, it should be much more possible to be employed than others who cannot use computers. Hence, universities should take measures to provide knowledge and skills to students.

However, dissenters may think universities only need to supply knowledge for their own sake, which means students should learn practical skills from other ways. It is unfair for students because they choose to receive college education to prepare for their future career, otherwise, they do not need to pay lots of charges to join in universities.

To conclude, in order to gain better opportunities, students spend many years time in university, consequently, it is significant for universities to...
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