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IDP Education Australia is a not-for-profit organisation owned by all 39 Australian universities. IDP has more than 30 years experience in assisting international students. The main aim of IDP is to provide impartial, comprehensive and updated information to assist students in choosing the right course, the suitable institution and the suitable location to meet their needs. As of 2003, IDP already has over 71 offices across 35 countries throughout the world.

IDP established their first office in Malaysia at Wisma Selangor Dredging in 1989. Since then IDP Malaysia has expanded to open branch offices in Subang Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuching (IDP Education Australia, 2001:9). IDP Malaysia has gained a reputation for providing efficient and comprehensive services that have benefited many students over the years.

The service process can be categorised into four classifications involving: people processing, possession processing, mental-stimulus processing and information processing (Lovelock, Patterson & Walker, 2001).

In people processing services, the customers need to be physically present throughout the service delivery in order to receive the desired benefits of such services (Lovelock et al., 2001:39). Examples of such services include surgery and hairdressing.

In possession processing services, the customers request that the service organisation provide treatment not to themselves but to some physical possession (Lovelock et al., 2001:41). Examples of such services include cleaning services and refuelling.

Mental-stimulus processing involves services that interact with the peoples’ mind and such services have the power to shape attitudes and influence behaviour (Lovelock et al., 2001:41). Majority of the services provided by IDP falls under this categorisation of mental-stimulus processing services. Examples of the mental-stimulus processing services provided by IDP are counselling and general marketing and advertising advice and assistance.

Information processing services involves intangible actions which are directed at intangible assets (Lovelock et al., 2001:39). Examples of such services are accounting, legal and research services. TYPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED

IDP is Australia's independent international education and professional development organisation.  It offers the following three main business activities in Malaysia:(IDP Education Australia, 2003). • International student services

• Assessment and evaluation services
• Graduate service
1. International Student Services
IDP proactively recruits international students for Australian education institutions onshore and offshore by using marketing and promotional strategies. For the students, who come from countries where Australia is their first-choice country for further the study, IDP will try to cater the student’s preferred education institution. 1.1 Student services

• Student information and counselling
• Access to resource centres on education programs
• Up-to-date online searchable course listings and details • Student application and enrolment assistance - online and in person • Student visa processing and pre-departure preparation • Student accommodation assistance and on-arrival services

1.2Client services

• Exhibitions and events management
• Advertising and promotions services
• Education publications
• Fellowship and scholarship administration
• Administration of distance education
• Supervision and administration of examinations
2.Assessment and Evaluation Services
IDP offers range of assessment, evaluation and credentialing tools tailored for education and immigration. The best known being IELTS, the international test of English language proficiency. This test is in high demand from prospective international students, client institutions and skilled migrants. The range of services is now being...
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