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Topics: Rice, Starch, Bread Pages: 4 (1079 words) Published: December 19, 2012
REASONS FOR IDLY AND DOSAI MAAVU NOT GETTING PROPERLY FERMENTED 1) Both batters need Bio activity. So if there is not enough bacteria/Fungus/Yeast present in the batter, the maavu will not ferment or will not ferment properly. 2) If you are using chlorinated, Iodised water or bacteria free water or Ozonized water in your house, you will not be able to get proper fermentation in batter as all these chemicals have residual disinfection property.(except Ozone) . 3) If the atmospheric temparature is less than 20 degrees, the maavu will not ferment properly and if it ferments, it will take very long time and the quality of Bioactivity will be bad. 4) If you keep maavu for fermentation in cold place like verendah during nights, the fermentation will be poor. 5) If you are a stickler for Hygene, you are sure to have a poor fermentation. 6) If you wash rice and Dhall too much before wet grinding and if you are using safe water, you will have fermentation problem. 7) I have seen some people using curds or buttermilk to induce fermentation.This is absolutely bad. Lacto Bacillus is a bacteria which does not allow other bacterias to flourish and makes a moonoculture.Hence the fermentation is very different and not proper. 8) If the water is acidic , the fermentation will be poor.

1) Use Saved idly batter .(This is the basic rule if you live in cold countries)

2) Use only common non treated water.(Don't worry, all the Bacterias will die when you steam cook)

3) After wet grinding, keep the batter in open air near plants or in Balcony for atleast 30 minutes.
4) Ensure that you keep the batter at an ambient temp. of 25 to 30 degrees.If you live in cold places, use the following trick. " Fill up the batter in a shopping bag(thick plastic of white colour only).Tie up the bag loosly and keep it in a bucket full of warm water (30 degrees) when you go to...
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