Idle No More

Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Idle No More

My view on the whole idle no more movement is that it’s a good thing to have going on. Our nation as a whole will suffer if this bill gets passed, and that’s a big factor I see playing out. Most people think that because native people are involved that they want something they are not getting and that kind of sums up what people who chose to not get educated think about the event, but if you were to take the time and educate yourself you would see that yes the aboriginal people play a huge part in why this movement is taking place but that’s not the only reason. If you look back in history the “white” man put the aboriginal people through what I could call a step below a genocide, they took there kids away, they took their rights away and their language. In my eyes they tried to wipe there whole culture off the map, so therefore I do support the treaty rights because years of putting the aboriginals through torture that still effects them today to be honest. But then again its not just about the aboriginal people, Bill-C45 threatens our nation and will effect everyone in this great country of ours, Harper wants to sign off on thousands of our lakes and fresh rivers, Which is completely outrageous to me, we can use this as leverage if we are patient. With less than one percent of drinkable water left on this planet if there is ever a major crisis what do you think is going to be on the top of every countries list? Water. And to be so condescending and not feel obligated to stand up as a nation infuriates me, how could people sit back and criticize aboriginals for getting involved to try and stop something so horrible and not get involved out of spite? Its sick to me because they are actually fighting for us not for them, they truly care about Canada and want to see us move forward as a nation, yes taking away their treaty rights would be horrible but taking away our fresh water source is signing us off as a non factor I believe, the US proved...
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