Idiot Nation Essay

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  • Published : September 8, 2010
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In America, the people are all in agreement that everyone needs to receive a free education. After this free education is completed, high school graduates are urged to go on to college. This leads many people to believe that it will help our country reach the goal of becoming a smarter nation. However, in his essay Idiot Nation, Michael Moore argues that the exact opposite is occuring. We are becoming a nation full of idiots.

Sadly, Michael Moore is correct. The majority of the people in this country are, indeed, idiots. This is due to the nation’s poor educational system and the people’s lack of gratitude and motivation.

First of all, America’s standards of education are far lower than several other countries. In other countries, students must pass an exam to just receive a high school education. Here in America, many college students cannot even do the simplest of Algebra problems. In contrast, students just entering high school in these other countries have already learned more than American high school seniors. Schools in other countries teach students about U.S. History. Not only is it safe to say that these students know more about our country than we do about theirs (that is if we even knew the country exsisted), but they often know more about our country than we do. Furthermore, most people in foreign countries have learned to speak English as a second language. In his essay, Moore points out that “70 percent of those who graduate from America’s colleges are not required to learn a foreign language” (157). People feel that it is pointless and unnecessary to learn another language that they will never use. But if someone from this country went to Italy on vacation, would he or she not be aggrivated to find that, although highly unlikey, no one spoke English? And most likely, one would be thinking that those “foreigners better GET WITH THE PROGRAM” (157). This information proves that the curriculums of all American schools, including...
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