Idiot Nation

Topics: Education, Education in the United States, United States Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Micheal Moore's Idiot Nation is an article that criticizes the American education system and the general intelligence of an average American. He engages us by presenting a satirical type of humor, followed by rather random facts about the educational system in America. He first criticizes us Americans by stating that we intake such useless information such as sports facts. Moore, then aims his cross hairs towards the political leaders of the United States. His primary target is our previous president, George W. Bush who he claims was a mediocre college student even though he was admitted into such a prestigious Ivy League school. He then gathers up a recollection of memories from his experiences in the school system and his struggles to break through the hegemonic teachings that was force fed into his mind. His tone then changes to more sympathetic as he gives more random, rather sad facts about education in America. Then, Moore concludes his writing as he gives us tips on how to criticize and challenge your school administrators. Moore really has a powerful message to pass on to us readers and fuses humor, facts, and personal stories to keep us interested in his text. Moore does a great job connecting to his readers by using satire and humor to make his point, but does not sway from the seriousness of the subject by embedding facts about education. He does however, have an angry tone throughout his article, but he seems to use that in a way to give the reader a sense of anger towards the subject also, thus making the reader feel more connected with his text. As he talks about his personal encounters with school, he changes his tone once more as he makes us feel more sympathetic towards his subject. In Idiot Nation, Micheal Moore really sparks the cognitive skills of the reader by using humor and facts to argue his opinion about the educational system, but at the same time he knows how to change his tone and change the readers emotion. His tactics to keep the...
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