Idetify Good and Bad Learning Experiences

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* Module (01) Identify individual learning needs

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, the candidate must be able to do the following: 1. Prepare for a diagnostic meeting and provide suitable materials and facilities to help individuals identify their learning needs. 2. Explain the aims of the diagnostic meeting to individuals and how information gained during the diagnostic meeting will be used. 3. Encourage individuals to feel relaxed, ask questions and express their views. 4. Establish the individual’s current and prior achievements. 5. Obtain individual’s views on their current learning needs and preferred learning styles.


There are as many ways of identifying an individual’s learning needs as the circumstances where one might be confronted by the task of identifying them. This process can take place at any stage of one’s career development. The diagnostic meeting is taken as a prototype of methods that apply interview/counselling skill to accomplish this task. It is not taken as a substitute for taking into account the needs of the organisation and demands of the job as spelt out by the job description and job specification.

Where a diagnostic meeting is carried out in an organisational setting this knowledge and other performance related information pertaining to the candidate is assumed as part of the whole subject of the process.

Where such job related information does not exist the interviewer might have to carry out the job analysis and analyse all the constituent tasks of the job to gain a thorough understanding of the job and its demands on the incumbent. Then proceed and compare the candidate’s skills and knowledge.

The diagnostic meeting

There are many ways of identifying learners’ learning needs or carrying out what is sometimes referred to, as learning needs analysis. A job interview is a way of identifying learning needs and we select a candidate depending how learning one needs because organisations do not have time to train therefore they would go for a candidate with less to learn.

Learning needs analysis prior to training is an integral component of any successful training programme. However, learning needs analysis is not confined to pre training but is a dynamic and continuous process through out training and one’s career development.

Here we are going to look at the one way of identifying an individual’s learning needs and this is by way of the diagnostic meeting; a meeting between a trainer and a trainee or prospective trainee to determine the trainee ‘s learning needs. The success of this meeting is very much dependant on following certain important procedures and the skills of the person conducting the meeting. Like any other meeting planning and preparation is vital.

Pre-meeting planning

Venue-: A suitable venue for the interview must be arranged for. The place must be quiet, well ventilated, well lit and with minimal visual distractions and interruptions. Plan the most favourable non-confrontational seating arrangement. The atmosphere must be conducive to discussing issues of such a delicate nature without alienating or upsetting the prospective learner. The venue must be comfortable..

Date and Time-: Find a date and time that is convenient and agreeable to both the interviewer and the interviewee. There are certain times to avoid because they are characterised by inherent problems, e.g. paydays and any time outside normal working hours. Notify the candidate and obtain confirmation of the meeting from the interviewee before the meeting in case you may need to make alternative arrangements.

Background-: By referring to your candidate’s personal file the interviewer can get useful information about the candidate’s personal and cultural beliefs so that the candidate’s is accommodated. It saves time and...
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