Ideology of War on Drugs: Legally or Illegally

Topics: Prohibition, Recreational drug use, Drug Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Ideology of War on Drugs: Legally or Illegally

Attempts to restrict something on which restrictions pose virtually no effects is a complete failure and therefore spending millions of dollars yearly is a pure example how American government operates on drug prohibitions. Here, we have drug users, non-users, producers and fighters to stop it. Actions of these subjects simply collide in deep misunderstandings creating domino effect of tragedies where greed versus existence comes on stage. For American government there are more reasonable and effective options in addressing this issue, but for poor farmers in Columbia there is only one request and that is feeding their families. Is it worth for American establishment to stop all this by simple creating new effective laws or is there a hidden agenda of collecting enormous profits. Society creates poor environments. If the child needs a medication and parent can’t afford it, can we justify their parent’s action to rob the pharmacy? And now they spray their fields and intoxicate that nature that feeds their families. People, who use drugs, use them whether legal or illegal. There is beautiful irony in an example of court rooms that are packed with pot smokers. Who should be walking down the street? Should they be cannabis users or rapists? Tobacco and alcohol is regulated, so why wouldn’t be other substances. Isn’t Holland a great example that something can be done. Doing drugs is certainly dangerous, so is tanning, drinking, smoking and so forth. Everyone is free to do these things; they might be less dangerous in comparison to heroin or other substances, but still they are free to use them. In my opinion, government’s way of prohibition of drugs makes very little sense, the war is lost and the fact that they had spent over 20 years fighting it crafts it all. This is a complex issue and not only questions our ability to regulate substances but creates reflections of our society in defining today’s...
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