Ideology of Pakistan

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  • Published: January 2, 2013
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Meaning of an Ideology
The word “ideology” is composed of two Greek words “ideo” and “logos”. It literally means “the science or study of ideas”.

The ideology of any nation reflects the ideals and aspirations of its people, and religion and cultural shape, their thinking which binds them together. An ideology in the positive sense is a system of beliefs, values, ideals, convictions, institutions, goals and a body of knowledge which a people considers true, binding and practicable.

How Ideology Emerges?
Ideologies tend to arise in the times of crises and social stress. A society having no ideology, when faced with a crisis, may find it difficult to decide by reacting to its ethical and practical aspects as to whether to confront it with courage or retreat from it. At such a moment, while ideology has its binding functions, it also provides a simple and sure answer, leaving no chances for subsequent regrets. This is inherent it the fight for principle. According to Reo M. Christenson (Ideologies and Modern Politics) that;

“An ideology emerges when people feel strongly that they are being mistreated under an existing order when their status is threatened by fundamental changes occurring in society and when the prevailing ideology no longer satisfies them…….”

Political Ideology
A political ideology is a system of beliefs that explain and justifies a preferred political order, either existing or proposed and offers a strategy (institutions, processes programmes) for its attainment 

Ideology of Life
When a significant purpose becomes a joint ideal of people’s life then it is a common ideology of life.

Characteristics of an Ideology
The ideology must contain following traits;

1. Maximum people should be united on this ideology.
2. The ideology must be harmonized with the feelings, emotions, traditions, beliefs and values of the nation. 3. Enough individual /man-power is requisited in it.
4. This can be obtained by...
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