Ideo Case Study

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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(1) IDEO’s case reveals that good ideas are likely to emerge from a culture that fosters innovative thinking and creativity as a core element of its identity and operations. While having such “playroom atmosphere” as IDEO firmly believes that “spaces should reflect the philosophies of their institutions,” in other words, “a place that claims to value hygiene above all else undermines its priorities when it regularly lets the soap dispensers in its bathrooms sit empty,” IDEO is made up of project teams organized around its innovation process, which is focused on constant brainstorming and “prototyping” (P5). The organization is not only lead by well conducted collaborations and combined individual performances, but also built upon originalities and creativities, innovation, and idea and information sharing to develop breakthrough products and achieve clients “aha’s”—to fulfill customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and input. On the other hand, IDEO prioritizes “culture”, “team”, and “methods”. In creating healthy office space that “staff feel they own”. Fostering innovation is mainly about encouraging creative people to relate to one another in creative ways, IDEO reinforces a culture of innovation—accordingly, the “prototype” is a “medium” for managing relationships between people, instead of just expressing innovative ideas. On the other hand, IDEO’s highly talented employees have “autonomy”, work flexibility, and the tools they need to “implement ideas.”(P6-8) Their management reinforces teamwork and creativity, by bringing people together in a casual non-hierarchical to share insights that can be both genius and otherwise. It's this triumvirate of values that has fostered IDEO's success, it is worth mentioning that IDEO values costumers demand as part of their innovation—by letting customers become part of product development process which ultimately increases the flexibility of the production process and continually and...
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