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Question 1: how are the innovation process and its methods when designing new services as opposed to new products?

IDEO, one of the world’s largest and most successful design firms, established a famous and well-known design process in order to improve firms’ services. What is the innovation process to (re)design a service and improve customers ‘satisfaction as opposed to the design of new products? As the innovation process when designing new products is well defined, proprietary and can be the same for a lot of companies, the innovation process when designing new services is much more complex to create and integrate. It mainly focuses on customers’ broader needs, on its experience, and on the subjective nature of different projects. It puts people at the center of the design process. Designing new services requires a strong social and psychological dimension in order to understand customers’ needs and to adapt to them.

The first steps of the innovation process when designing new services is fairly identical to the innovation for the design of new products except that the methods used for it are much more accurate. The design process for services requires techniques based on social and human research methods. This is why it is considered as an interdisciplinary and multifunctional approach. For example, IDEO firm invented methods based on established methods and deeply transformed them in order that they fit with human beings and needs, such as extreme “user interviews”, “shadowing”, or “fly on the wall”.

The innovation process and its methods for designing new services:

Dealing with the unexpected:

* Radical collaboration with clients and external partners * Use of interdisciplinary teams
* Different staffing requirement to deal with various nature of projects

5 main steps, which could be also used for the design of products:

* Observation
* Synthesize
* General ideas
* Refine
* Implement

With methods focusing on customer’s experiences
* User centered and focus on broader needs
* Emphatic approach
* Emphasis on practice areas
* Involving clients in the creative process
* Emphasis on the service end of the entire cycle

When designing a new product, the effects of the products are known and often obvious. And so are the methods used for the innovation process for it. When designing new services, the innovation process must take into account every step the user will take through a service. It must “make the invisible visible”. Creating the customer journey framework to design new services is very helpful because it gives guidelines for the company offering the service. The service, which is not visual, must be clearly identified and have to be a visual representation of the customer ‘experience.

Question 2: If you were in Peter Coughlan’s shoes, how would you tackle the project given to you? What are the specific methods and tools (used by IDEO or invented by you) that you would use at different stages?

The project consists in finding new ideas to improve the quality of the healthcare service in the hospital of a customer. It is an ambitious project because IDEO has no direct experience in the design of healthcare services. To tackle this project, it is primordial to study the patient’s experience in order to understand what the main points to improve considering limited budget are and constrained resources.

For the first step of observation:
* The shadowing would seem an interesting way to observe a broad range of patients: the one who are going to stay at the hospital for a short time, but also those who have a long journey, and so on. It is necessary to establish the reason why a customer is in healthcare services. It could enable to understand for each...
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